Robert Mercer

Full Name:

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Date of Birth: 1946 in San Jose, California

Nationality: USA;

Place of Residence: Long Island, New York

Net Worth: Unknown, annual income of $125 Mn,

Source of Wealth: self-made, industry: finance

Education: Undergrad- University of New Mexico; Doctorate- University of Illinois


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Political Position: Conservative:

In His Own Words:

I’m happy going through my life without saying anything to anybody.


Electioneering: 7

In the 2016 campaign season, Mercer gave $22.5 million in disclosed donations to Republican candidates and to political-action committees.

Lobbying & Advocacy: 6

Funder of a climate change denial group called the Heartland Institute as well as several other non-profit political activism group.

Opinion Shaping: 8/9

Over the last decade, Mercer has given more than $10 million to Media Research Center, a organization who self-proclaim to have an “unwavering commitment to neutralizing leftwing bias in the news, media and popular culture”.

Mercer supplied another $10 million to Steve Bannon to maintain funding for Breibart, an right-wing media outlet.

Philanthropy: 2

Founder of the Mercer Family Foundation (check their benefiting foundations here).


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