Jorge Paolo Lemann

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Full Name: Jorge Paulo Lemann

Date of Birth: 1939 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nationality: Brazil, Switzerland

Place of Residence: Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Net Worth: USD$ 29.2 Billion

Source of Wealth: self-made, industry: venture capitalist (Beer, Food Products)

Education: Undergrad and MBA from Harvard University


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Political Position: Center-Liberal 

In His Own Words:

When I see a candidate like Bernie Sanders having the popularity that he has and the resonance he has — he’s against all that is big, against all that is good.

A more egalitarian society means equal opportunity. Total equality means you are considered equal no matter what you do or strive for.

I spent my whole life running away from politics. I think this is wrong. The youth of today that have a vocation need to grab the opportunity. This is what will make the difference in Brazil.


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Lobbying & Advocacy: 1

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Founder of Lemann Foundation which supports public school and sports initiatives. He has also donated undisclosed sums to Harvard University to aid Brazilian students and Brazilian Studies programs. Also has


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