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Do extreme wealth inequalities turn societies into plutocracies?
billionaireswatch.org investigates how the ultra-rich influence politics.
Our project is non-partisan and non-profit.

This website is being developed by students and Prof. Peter Hägel within the “billionaireswatch.org” course at The American University of Paris (AUP). We thank all the students that have made contributions to it, especially:

Jade Ascencio, Shalise Barnes, Luka Ivicevic, Ellen Kitchens, Patricia Rehus, Jomana Saber, and Johnson Yoder.

In 2016/17, we received financial support from AUP’s Civic Media Lab.

The website is currently in its prototype phase. 



billionaireswatch.org is not responsible for the content on external websites linked to from this site.
billionaireswatch.org is also not responsible for external content embedded on its site.
When we cite external authors, we do not necessarily subscribe to their views and opinions.
We try hard to be as accurate as possible – if you find any errors or misinformation on our website, please write to us at: contact (at) billionaireswatch.org, and we’ll correct our mistakes asap.

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