Terry Gou

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Full Name: Terry Gou (Chinese: 郭台銘; pinyin: Guō Táimíng)

Date of Birth: is 66 years old, he was born in Taipei,

Nationality: Taiwan

Place of Residence: resides in the country (Wikipedia).

Net Worth: Terry Gou owns 7.1 billion dollars

Source of Wealth: he is a self-made entrepreneur (Forbes).

Education: He received an undergraduate college education in Taiwan before funding his company Hon Hai (better known as Foxconn) in 1974 with a loan from his mother.

Career: Foxconn is now a multinational company that manufactures electronic components and goods, it has factories in China, Europe and South America (Wikipedia).

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Political Position:  Right

In His Own Words:

Pro closer ties with Mainland China. He endorsed president Kuomintang Ma Ying-Jeou for his second term (World Time). Several personalities in Taiwan even consider Terry Gou as a potential candidate for the pan-blue coalition in 2020 (China Post).

Not favorable to an outspoken civil society, which he sees as a threat to an efficient national economy : “Social movements have let talent go to waste and wasted the nation’s resources ” (Thinking Taiwan)

He thinks more focus should be put on economic development than on tax fairness: “The government has spent too much time on fairness and it should stop”, even though he thinks most of the wealthy people are willing to pay taxes (China Post)

After Donald Trump’s election in 2016 and his allegation that he would make Apple manufacture in the US, Terry Gou published an open letter to the President of the US, explaining that “you don’t actually have to create any jobs, you just have to make people think you’re going to create them” and that “Like that wall you’re planning to build, somebody’s going to have to pay. And it won’t be me” (Bloomberg)



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Donates to sponsor cancer research. He also gives sporadically for various causes, such as the victims of the earthquake in Tainan in 2016 (Asia Nikkei)

He spent a lot of attention and money on his home town in the Shanxi province in mainland China (Daily Mail).


In 2004, in reaction to a report about Foxconn’s interests in the construction of an Intel platform, Terry Gu sued a reporter, leading to the freezing of her assts for several months. The Association of Taiwan Journalists (ATJ) protested against an anti-democratic use of the judicial system and a threat to journalistic freedom in Taiwan. Other complaints from journalists have been received by the ATJ (Digitimes)


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