Joseph Safra

Born in 1939 in Aleppo, Syria 

Citizenship: Lebanese, Brazilian; residence: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Net worth: US$ 20.8 B, self-made, industry: banking

Education: N.A

Political compass: Uncertain

In his own words: ”I try to remain unknown as much as possible” – NYT 1988

Electioneering: 0

Lobbying/Advocacy: 0

Opinion shaping: 0

Philanthropy: 2

Key contributer to the Edmond J. Safra Foundation which works throughout 40 countries in a diverse manner, funding  education; science and medicine; religion; and humanitarian assistance, culture, and social welfare.


“Brazilian prosecutors on Thursday (March 31, 2016) charged Joseph Safra, the world’s richest banker, in connection with an alleged scheme to pay bribes to government officials in return for waiving tax debts. In a statement, prosecutors said that Safra had knowledge of a 2014 plan by executives at his Banco Safra SA to pay 15.3 million reais ($4.2 million) in bribes to federal tax auditors. The accusation is based on tapped phone calls between Banco Safra executive João Inácio Puga and tax officials, the statement added.” (Reuters, 2016)

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